Royalty of European Union Beauty Contest belongs to Turkey and Atilla Kaplakarslan who owns the Vizyon Production since 29 years.

The member and candidate country girls of the European Union Beauty Contest is chosen by international delegates.

The member countries of European Union

Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany
Greece Hungary Ireland
Italy Latvia Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Poland Portugal Romania
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden United Kingdom  

The candidate countries of European Union

Croatia Macedonia Turkey

1. European Union beauty contest was organized through Tropicana & Mirage hotel and Casino in 23 February 2007 Suriname/ Paramaribo. After 10 days magnificent camping, Ronald Venetian who is head of state met with the beauty pageants of 26 countries.

The Winner of  2. European Union Beauty contest

The first beauty Carmin Marrero Martinez/ Spain/ 20.000 EURO
The second beauty girl Kristina Diadenko/ Lithuania/ 2000 EURO
The third beauty girl Ebru Hacibedel, Turkey/ 1000 EURO
Miss Tropicana Loredana  Livia  Caernau / Romania / 3000 EURO,
The first three beauty girls won diamond
The whole candidates won some gifts from different companies.

The choosen of 2. European Union beauty contest
First beauty pageant 10.000 EURO
Second beauty pageant 2.000 EURO
Third beauty pageant 1.000 EURO and they will gain some different gifts